Where are you based?

Holland, Pennsylvania, located north of Southampton, further north of North East Philly airport.

What are your boundaries?

I will travel in a 50 mile ring no problems, after that, the truck & trailer starts drinking lots of gas…

How much do you charge?

That will depend on the venue, distance from my start point, the band and the rig that I have to bring to fulfill your needs. The variables are ‘how much sound’, ‘lighting’ and ‘recording’ are requested. Numbers typically range from $150 to $1000. However, if you are doing a true benefit for members of the Armed Services, I will gladly donate my time and system to that cause.

How early can I book?

As early as you like. For bands on my “Regular Band Plan,” a phone call is all you need and the date is good. For bands that are not ‘regulars’, a non-refundable deposit will be required to secure the date. I will ‘pencil’ you in without a deposit, but if a regular band wants the date, I will afford you one opportunity to make a deposit, or forfeit the date.

Why do I want a retired Marine doing my sound?

Maybe you don’t – and that’s fine with me. But if you want someone with expertise, a trained ear, someone who knows his equipment inside and out (yes, I repair it & I bring backup gear) and more importantly, someone reliable who understands that a man “ain’t nothing but his word”, then you want me.

How big or small a space can be filled? Indoors or Outdoors?

Indoor venues up to 2000 people – the Atlantic City Convention Center Ballroom.
Outdoor venues up to 3500+ people – concerts in the park are no problem.

What effects can I get?

I have three dedicated Lexicon effects boxes. Typically, I assign one for the lead singer, one for backing vocals and the third for guitar, or drums or whatever else the band leader desires. The effects are broadcast in stereo, with emphasis on spatial separation. All the vocals and effects complement each other in time and space.

What effect does lighting do for me?

While it won’t take off 30 lbs, creative lighting has a dramatic effect on audiences and is the true separator between a garage band playing fantastically well on a dimly lit street corner and that same band playing fantastically well on a well lit stage for an enthralled audience.

Contact info, phone number, what do you look like?

Once we have made email contact and have decided to pursue a band / sound guy relationship, we may then exchange phone numbers and meet face to face. For your event, I dress the part. If it is formal, I can be in a tux, for Parrot-heads, I got the Hawaiian shirts, everything else pretty much merits nice blue jeans and a tasteful polo shirt. Specific dress codes shall be accommodated.

What is the “Regular Band Plan”?

In short, this is where we have a longer term relationship. I will attend rehearsals, get a feeling for the songs, the desires of the band, the nuances of the performance, monitor feed preferences and make recommendations at practice vice one hour before show time during sound check. If the performance is consistently choreographed, we can make the lights follow certain movements for certain songs, highlight soloists, and really put on a show.

Can I get a recording of my performance?

I have a Tascam 2488 eight channel recorder and I can take recordings off the mixer board and/or from live mics positioned in the audience area for the full effect.

Nice pictures….will you photograph my band?

My first priority is to make the band sound great with a good light show. Taking pictures in addition to that is difficult, but again, if we are in a longer term relationship, it can be done. However, if you would like me to only take pictures of the band while someone else does sound for you, if I am free we can arrange that as well.

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