I truly do not what to say. 2 months ago, I agreed to assist a gentleman with his “new to him” PA system (identical to my “A” rig; 4 QW-2s over 4 VR-218s, tri-amp’d with VSX-26s and powered ‘properly’) which he procured at substantial personal expense for the sole purpose of doing this charity event. I should have guessed at how much this event meant to him then. I know now.

Sarah Parvin was an amazing young lady who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died at age 12. More info, click here.
On 29 July, Friday the Bucks County Courier Times published this article on the event.

Tom invited me to his house Friday afternoon, bought me dinner, took me to a Phillys game Friday night, gave me a bed in which to sleep while his own daughter was on the sofa, and then we got up at 0500 to be operational when the trailer arrived at 0515 to get it loaded and underway as the first song needed to go downrange at 0730. At 0800, it was time for Zumba…okay…I had no idea. I do now. (As best I can tell Zumba is a cardio workout that is as erotic as it is cardio, and I studied this closely for a very long time this morning. All the females came out of their tents to do this and some were wearing some pretty darn cool PJs….) Anyway, we had opening ceremonies, a few DJs, a ‘piano guy’ and then a few bands later, I left Tom & his associate Dave at 1830 to manage the evening portion of the show. I had to teach Motorcycle Safety Sunday at 0730 and I needed some good rest.

Final Stats:
215 teams
2365 players
645 games played on 26 fields
61 vendors
The Philly Phanatic joined us in the afternoon
The Philadelphia Mobil Zoo came out
The Philadelphia Independence Soccer Team was represented.
Early estimates are of 10,000 to 12,000 people were on hand for this event.
Not sure how much money was raised, but I know the population of Quakertown doubled, on 30 July, 2011.

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