Yet another busy weekend…

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First Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there.
Next, today I am resting. Last 72 hours have been jam packed with fun.
Had a lots of catching up and fun with former HMH-462 squadron mate Thom O’Leary on Thursday and Friday. We rode motorcycles through the “Covered Bridges of Bucks County”, and went pub crawling. Friday morning came a bit too early – 0315 – when a loud clap of thunder woke up all the 4 legged and most of the two legged creatures. No one really slept well after that. Undaunted by lack of sleep, Friday morning Thom & I went downtown for the historical and informative part of his visit, then to Pat’s/Geno’s for cheesesteak sandwiches. Thom left Friday afternoon after helping me pack the truck for my gig with RattleSnake Drive at the Glenside VFW Friday night.

On the way to the gig, I picked up a replacement diaphragm for a speaker that blew up last weekend with Hoodie Allen. RattleSnake Drive rocked the “V” – as usual – and after the gig, while heading home at 0130, a chanced upon some of Montgomery County’s finest that were pre-positioned along Philmont Road identifying partygoers who took a bit too much of the party with them. The officer and I had a quick exchange and I was allowed to go on about my business. (“These aren’t the droids your looking for…”).

Saturday morning also came a bit too soon – 0515 – when one of the greys did her ‘usual’ thing and decided that she had to “go outside.” Decided to actually get out of bed around 9 or so and go repair that speaker, as I needed it for the “Soul Purpose” gig in Wilmington Delaware Saturday night. Of course I also needed to unpack the truck and then pack the trailer with the big rig. Not sure what I was getting into, but I was NOT going to come up short on a first gig with a powerful horn band. The gig went REALLY well and Ren Parker, the sound guy for Soul Purpose, is a real pro at this live production stuff. We broke down the rig, got it packed (Thanks Esty!!!!) and started the trek home. Encountered a 30 minute delay on the 95 North just inside the PA border where the road narrowed to one lane for construction. Got home safely at 0230.

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