Welcome to SemperFiSound. Totally Dedicated To Your Sound. Pro Gear All The Way.
Welcome to SemperFiSound. Dedicated to faithfully reinforcing your music, and just a bit more.
Totally Dedicated To Your Sound. The best bands in the world have great sound. You can too.
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1 Oct, 2014; 85 Days until Christmas; Fall Events

Some days are just so much better than others.  "85" is a near and dear number to me and just over 1000 other Mishipmen from the USNA graduating class of 1985.

As we move from Summer to Fall, a quick check of the Farmer's Almanac reveals that this winter is forecast to be every bit as wintry as last year.

Global Warming?

Global Cooling?

How about just Weather?

The last major Fall event is upcoming - the Phoenixville Fall Food Festival.  I'll be producing the Main Stage with "Less than 7" and "Hidden Treasure."

The USMC Birthday celebration at Ritchie's Tavern in Hatboro on 11 Nov will be the last outdoor gig of the year.  Ritchie always does this celebration right, and Marines from around the area will all come to listen to the reading of the Birthday Message, participate in the solemn remembrance of those who have gone before, and party with those who are still with us.  RattleSnake Drive will be playing in the bar and the good times shall roll - by direction.


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