Welcome to SemperFiSound. Totally Dedicated To Your Sound. Pro Gear All The Way.
Welcome to SemperFiSound. Dedicated to faithfully reinforcing your music, and just a bit more.
Totally Dedicated To Your Sound. The best bands in the world have great sound. You can too.
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February of 2015

The winds are changing. It's time to reevaluate and make some decisions.

During the Dark Ages, (January to March) the sky is often gloomy and the weather just downright depressing.
Many good local bands like RattleSnake Drive, SteamBoat Annie, CrossRoads, Plush, Sounds of Society, Sister Blue, Scoville Blues, The RipChords and many other bands across the United States, like Exit West, get up on stage and put their souls into music so we can escape the Dark Ages and just transport ourselves to a different place. Be it classic rock, blues, Christian, country, or even a full horn dance band like Soul Purpose, these artists are on stage with one hope and desire - for you to have a good time. They are not there to make money. They are not there to promote the venue. Bands playing music are for the patrons. I'd like to make a recommendation: turn off the television, get off your asses, and actually go experience a really good time.

I was reminded by a good friend this evening about the "reality" of the internet, television, movies, and the other 'virtual' things that permeate society. They are NOT real. Even NBC news apparently isn't real anymore and has been dubbed "Brian Williams' Story Time."

Here's the bottom line: if you want to be sold a social concept, a Lexus, an alternate reality, or if you believe a 'correct reality,' then watch TV, perhaps engage in some critical thinking behavior or let the Hollywood personas do your thinking for you. HOWEVER, if you want to actually have a good time - go see some live music at a local venue. Show your neighborhood that you are an American and can go out and have fun without being bombarded by morons telling you what you should think about everything from global politics to scrotum perfume.

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