Welcome to SemperFiSound. Totally Dedicated To Your Sound. Pro Gear All The Way.
Welcome to SemperFiSound. Dedicated to faithfully reinforcing your music, and just a bit more.
Totally Dedicated To Your Sound. The best bands in the world have great sound. You can too.
Pro Gear All The Way. We have multiple set-ups for indoor & outdoor.

1st QTR 2013

Well, it would seem that the US Government has opted - through in-fighting and inaction - to proceed over the fiscal cliff....lovely. 

How does this affect SemperFi Sound?   Only as much as it affects the people who come out and "live" on weeknights and weekends, socializing with new-best-friends, dancing and listening to live music.  It is no secret that the economy is getting worse - ask anyone in the recreational travel industry or entertainment industry and they will tell you that Americans are being more stringent and more careful with how they spend their money.  Yes, Bruce Springsteen will sellout any venue he books, but a lot of those same people will not be going to a restaurant for a month or two afterwards.  That WAS their big night out.

Today (30 Jan) the US Government acknowleged that the GDP in fact has been going down for over a 3 month period - and that includes the Election & Christmas shopping seasons - and this is all coming as a surprise to the uninformed public.  Also, Social Security (FICA on your earnings statement) is now back to it's original 6.2% so working people are seeing less $$$ in their paychecks.  My shipmate in the global financial business has been telling me for over 6 months that the American economy is in a recession.  And here we are.

I ask all Americans to strongly encourage their Congress-person to promote fiscal responsibility at the Federal & State level.  There is no sound reason that the Government be allowed to manage their budget any differently than the American family.

SemperFi Sound will continue to provide Sound Reinforcement for live performances at rates bands can afford and tolerate. 
My working philosophy is that I would rather be out playing than sitting at home waiting for better paying gigs.
I work with band leaders to make the most of their performance, give the venue and patrons a good show, and not take the "take" away from the musicians.

So, try some live music, dancing, new-best-friends, and perhaps a few adult beverages at your favorite local establishment.  You will have a great time for much less than the price of a Springsteen ticket, and dare I say it?  Might even be better music too!


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